Main Projects 2021-22  (order TBD)

Alebrijes Image.png

Alebrijes: The Art of Oaxaca, Mexico

submitting artist

Mindy Kirton


submitting artist

Dunya Merrel  Djordjevic

Artic Fox 1.PNG

Arctic Fox

submitting artist

Jennifer Stenta

Night Walk

submitting artist

Lee-Jean Lin



Back-up Projects 2021-22  (order TBD)

If  Alebrijes or Flip Out needs to be postponed again, these are the back-ups.

Animals in the Jungle (Haitian Folk Art)

submitting artist

Tammy Saunt

Folding Fish.jpg

Folding Fish

Current HOA Plan for 2021-22  (subject to change!)

  • Video lessons and slideshows will be provided for all lessons, like they were for 20-21.   

  • The order of the projects is TBD.  

  • Most projects will be simple and use basic supplies.  They will be adjusted as needed.  The simple projects will have easy upgrade suggestions options - for instance supplying special paper, pastels, etc.   

  • Alebrijes and Flip-out do require special supplies and/or assistance.  Mid-school year we will make the decision to include them this school year or postpone and use the back-up projects.

  • When volunteers are allowed back (knock on wood!)

    • HOA chairs and school staff will work out a plan to best include them.   

    • Since most projects will be simple, no mass workshops are planned.  Instead docents could review material provided.  For the more complicated projects (Alebrijes/Flip-out), smaller training/practice options may occur.