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Folding Fish
Teacher Notes

Folding Fish - Main Pic A.jpg
Folding Fish - Main Pic B.jpg

Project Description:

Students can create their own fish art, with a surprise!  At first it will look like a normal fish drawing, but the paper can be unfolded and the fish will become huge, with a mouth ready to chomp!   Students are invited to use their imagination to design and decorate the fish and add things, like a tiny scuba diver about to be eaten or decorations on the ocean floor. (handouts are available.) 

**This lesson is intended to be fun and creative and simple to do with basic supplies.   It is being supplied in case teachers or schools want to use it due to the covid surge.**

Special lesson notes:

- Slideshow:  created by SBHOA and includes some introduction, examples, steps, variation ideas

- Lesson Plan:  created by SBHOA and includes some tips not included the slideshow 

- Video:  is one of many that are available on youtube, showing one way to draw the fish.   It doesn't include an introduction or variations.  Feel free to pick a different video if you find one you prefer.  

Extensions ideas:

Feel free to expand or adjust the lesson.  For example, you can have the fish be more ‘shape’ related, like triangle teeth, circle body, oval lips or zig-zap stripes. You can include the color wheel and ask them to make a cool fish or hot fish, or pick colors that are complementary.  You can even turn it into an observation lesson and have them pick a real fish image to try to recreate…they can observe the shape, the fins, the eye, the mouth, and the colors to try to design their fish.  

Links to the Lesson for Students:

Suggested Supplies:

Basic Supplies:  paper, pencil, eraser, black writing tool, something to color with (crayons, colored pencils or markers), handouts*  (*optional)

Additional Teacher Resources 

Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form) 

Lesson Plan (more information for docents and/or teachers)

Handouts (How to draw fish, and variations.  Also in the Lesson Plan)

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or

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