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South Bay Hands on Art

Folding Fish
Grades K-12

Folding Fish - Main Pic A.jpg
Folding Fish - Main Pic B.jpg

Project Samples

Folding Fish Samples - Buffy - Folded.jpg
Folding Fish Samples - Buffy - Unfolded.jpg

Video Lesson 
Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!
Vary it as you wish.

Parents - Optional Extensions

The Coral Reef: 10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes | BBC Earth

You can have this playing while coloring your fish, or just sit and relax and watch beautiful scenes.  Skip around and see what you spot!  There are many more similar videos on youtube too!

The Fine Art of Fish Prints

Before the days of photography, fishermen in Japan would immortalize their big catch with gyotaku, or fish prints. Today, Naoki Hayashi, is continuing the practice in Hawaii, keeping the ancient art form alive. He paints freshly caught fish with non-toxic paint, then presses them onto paper.

Project Description

Students can create their own fish art, with a surprise!  At first it will look like a normal fish drawing, but the paper can be unfolded and the fish will become huge, with a mouth ready to chomp!   Students are invited to use their imagination to design and decorate the fish and add things, like a tiny scuba diver about to be eaten or decorations on the ocean floor. (handouts are available.) 

**This lesson is intended to be fun and creative and simple to do with basic supplies.   It is being supplied in case teachers or schools want to use it due to the covid surge.**

Special thanks to:

Art Land for the video demonstration.

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