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Chair Corner

Project Training Links 

(all live!)


​​*only available for docent/teacher giving lesson.  No independent student option at this time.


Get familiar with the project before you teach!

  • Teacher Notes page gives you useful introduction, links and notes.  **Look for the 'Lesson Plan' and 'Docent Tips and Tricks'! **

  • Student Lesson pages have samples and lesson videos.  

  • Try the project!  If you don't have the exact supplies, do the best you can with what you have!

Chair Supply Information

Docent Useful Links

  • Docent Contract Form   

    • schools can use this directly OR

    • schools can make their own by copying/adjusting or from scratch

    • if you aren't familiar with google forms and want help copy, contact me.

  • Docent Contract Form Responses

    • if used the above non-school specific form, responses are here

    • visible to chairs via google security.  If troubles seeing, contact me.

Chair Useful Links  


For OL125WX labels 2x4, but may work with other 2x4 - but test!

  • Generic HOA Label​   (​Thanks to Jefferson) :)  If you are interested, they have a printer they can suggest.​

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