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South Bay Hands on Art

Lesson by Sandi Arthur
Grades K-1

Umbrella Sample 07.jpg

Video Lesson 
Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!

Project Samples

Umbrellas K-1 Sample A Capture.PNG
Umbrellas K-1 Sample B Capture.PNG

Parents - Optional Extensions

One Minute History Image.PNG

A One Minute History of the Umbrella

Super-speedy video about the history of the umbrellas! 

Umbrella - Singing in the Rain.jpg

Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly) 

Enjoy someone celebrating in the rain!  A movie scene classic.  Enjoy the music while you color your umbrella or watch and enjoy the dancing too.  Note... toward the end he ends up at an art school.  Coincidence?

Project Description

Spring showers bring a great opportunity to learn two special ways to use watercolor pencils and try our hand at pattern making. This project lets kids really use their imagination. There are so many ways to do it and so many extra details they can add!   There is also an "1  Minute History of Umbrellas" in the optional extension area that is fun to share before the project.

*Supply Note - you can substitute the watercolor pencils with whatever you have (crayons, colored pencils, markers).  Stop the video after the drawing steps and color as you wish.

Special thanks to: 

Sandi Arthur  for sharing this project! 

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