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South Bay Hands on Art

Moonlit Fox
Lesson by Jennifer Stenta
Based on a project by Britt Curley

Grades 2-12

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Artic Fox 1.PNG



Video Lesson 
Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!
(Optional handout here

Suggested Supplies

Basic Supplies:  paper, something to color with (crayons or colored pencils work best for basic options), scissors, glue stick, handout*  (*optional but very helpful)

Upgraded Supplies:  Use thicker paper.  Then add paint and/or oil pastels.  

Optional Extensions 

Extension Video Thumbnail 1.PNG
Extension Video Thumbnail 2.PNG

A Fox Found A Box - Read Aloud Book Family

Book by Jed Adamson. 

"When his radio breaks, a little fox finds that the forest is filled with its own rhythm and music--drip drops and chirp chirps--in this picture book that gently introduces the concept of mindfulness." - Amazon


Project Description

Students will use some key elements of art to create a furry fox at night.  Using value they may  mix tints and shades of blue to create a moon glowing in a night sky.  They will draw a fox using simple shapes and add fur like texture by layering colors and adding short choppy marks.   The fox is cut out and glued onto the background.  This project can be adjusted to work with various supplies, and can be modified as needed.  A handout is available for how to draw the fox.

K-1 video - focus more on shapes (crayons in video steps, but flexible)

2-12 video - focus more on texture and blending (oil pastels in video steps, but flexible)


Bonus K-1 Note: if cutting is too tricky, either adults can assist with the cutting OR modify the project to only use one sheet of paper by draw the fox first, then add a background. 

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Stenta for creating this lesson for us, and Britt Curley for the inspirational project!

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