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Night Walk
Inspired by  "Flashlight" by Lizi Boyd
Lesson by Lee-Jean Lin

Teacher Notes

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Project Description:

It's totally dark out there and you can hardly see anything. However, a flashlight reveals a magical world so different from what we see during the day.  This project was inspired by the picture book, "Flashlight" by Lizi Boyd.   In it a child goes out at night with a flashlight and explores nature in the dark.  The video lesson shares pages from this book and why we don't see colors in the dark.   Students can then follow along to create the scene of a boy walking through the woods, but can vary it as they wish with their imaginations!  What will they find in their flashlight?  

Suggested 1 minute bonus video:

Flashlight by Lizi Boyd - Animated Trailer

Before teaching the project, you can watch this clip.  It brings the book to life! 

K-1 Note:

If cutting the light beam is too difficult, you may use pre-cut white paper.  

Supply Notes:   

* Optional Handout is available.  Chairs/Docents may supply.

* Some schools may be providing light Prismacolor pencils to be used for the white pencils.

Links to the Lesson for Students:


OR (bypass web page and go straight to video)

Suggested Supplies:

Black paper, white pencil or sharp crayon, white paper, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils or crayons (black pencil suggested, but a regular pencil will work if you don't have one) optional: hand out 

Tip: If possible, let them know what supplies they will need before they start the lesson so they can have them ready.   

Additional Teacher Resources

Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form)

Video Lesson K-1 on Google Drive  (if you want to download and use it outside of YouTube)

Lesson Plan (more information for docents and/or teachers)

Docent Tips and Tricks


Special thanks to: 

Lee-Jean Lin for sharing her project!

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or

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