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Alebrijes: The Art of Oaxaca, Mexico
Lesson by Mindy Kirton
Teacher Notes

Alebrijes Image.png

Project Description:

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures.  They are painted with intense colors and intricate patterns.  The first alebrijes appeared back in 1936, and today they are well-known and celebrated in Mexico.  Students may recognize them from the movie Coco.  In this project, students learn more about Alebrijes and the colorful sculpture work of Mexican artists Pedro Linares Lopez & Manuel Ramírez.   Students then create their own fantastic Alebrije out of colored clay, wood sticks and acrylic paint.  Note: if you want to reuse the Play-Doh containers, we have included instructions for a bonus rattle project.

Notice: Docent or Teacher Lead Project Only!

This lesson is meant to be done with a docent or teacher teaching the project.  There are no resources for a student to do on their own at home at this time.

Main Supplies

Play-Doh, Colored Paper, Scissors, Acrylic Paint, Decorations (like toothpicks, popsicle sticks, wax sticks), Plate 

Docent/Teacher Resources 

Lesson Plan 

Lesson Plan - Bonus Rattle Project (optional, uses left over Play-Doh containers)

Slides Lesson

Video - Docent Training on YouTube (available on google here)

Docent Tips and Tricks

Handouts ( optional, various options, use only what you want.)

Other Useful Videos:


Special thanks to: 

Mindy Kirton for the wonderful project!

Questions or Comments?

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