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Chair Corner

Project Testing

Supply Information

Useful Links  

  • Docent Contract Form   

    • schools can use this directly OR

    • schools can make their own by copying/adjusting or from scratch

    • if you aren't familiar with google forms and want help copy, contact me.

  • Docent Contract Form Responses

    • if used the above non-school specific form, responses are here

    • visible to chairs via google security.  If troubles seeing, contact me.

Social Media

Docent Samples

  • TBD - but we may have a way to submit and see samples if chairs want to share :)

*Night Walk Supply Update notes:  

* Prices and Links are subject to change.  Supplies linked are examples - feel free to pick out your own preferred products or shops.   

* FYI- one chair bough crayola white pencils off of ebay 

* White cardstock link updated 9/14 - it was going to white cardstock with confetti instead of plain white