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Chair Corner

Project Information 

Docent Training

Docent Useful Links

  • Docent Contract Form   

    • schools can use this directly OR

    • schools can make their own site-specific contract form

  • Docent Contract Form Responses

    • if used the above non-school specific form, responses are here

    • visible to chairs via google security.  If troubles seeing, contact Jessica.

  • Docent Training Waver *NEW* Needed by docents going to Alta Vista workshop events - please return to your school chairs. 

  • RBUSD Volunteer Information  See bottom of page for links to:

    • RBUSD Volunteer Brochure (overview of volunteering)

    • RBUSD Volunteer Handbook (with forms to fill out)

    • NOTE: Ask  your chair/office regarding special video

Chair Useful Links  


For OL125WX labels 2x4, but may work with other 2x4 - but test!

Social Media


Coming Up:

Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Ancient Bas Relief Sculpture

Alta Vista Docent Training: Friday, March 17

Training at other schools: date/time/locations will vary

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