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Flip Out
Lesson by Dunya Merell Djordjevic
Teacher Notes

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Project Description:

This project will introduce students to the history and art of traditional animation, including Walt Disney.  Students will learn how animation is created and about the art and illusion of movement.  Students will learn how to create a flip book.  They can follow directions to make a few practice animations, and then depending on ability, can make their own story and animation.  

Notice: Docent or Teacher Lead Project Only!

This lesson is meant to be done with a docent or teacher teaching the project.  There are no resources for a student to do on their own at home.  If needed we may supply them at a later time.


Flip book*, pencil, eraser.  Optional: colored pencils (to add color to animations), handouts (various available) 

* Hands on Art schools doing this project have books to supply.  If you do not have access to pre-made books, there are on-line tips on how kids can make their own flip books that can be used instead. 

Docent/Teacher Resources 

Lesson Plan (information for docents and/or teachers)

Slides Lesson  

Docent Tips and Tricks  

Handouts ( optional, various options, use only what you want)

Background/Intro Videos Options:

Sample Flip Book Videos Options:

Special thanks to: 

Dunya Merell Djordjevic for the project. Dunya runs Girls IN Focus. It is a non-profit film making program or girls and non-binary youth ages 12-18 to make their own films.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or

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