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South Bay Hands on Art
Cacti 2-12 Picture - Main.PNG

Lesson by Sandi Arthur
Grades 2-12


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Sample 2-12 a.PNG
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Video Lesson 
Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!
(Optional handouts here

Suggested Supplies

Basic Supplies:  paper, pencil, eraser, black writing tool, something to color with, handouts

Upgraded Supplies options:  like basic supplies, but use special art paper, Ultra Fine Sharpie, and special colors options (like watercolor pans or pencils, or water soluble oil pastels)

Optional Extensions 

TimeLapse Capture.PNG

Time-Lapse: Beautiful Cacti Bloom Before Your Eyes | Short Film Showcase

Watch this amazing video from National Geographic Video 

Cacti South Coast Botanical Garden.JPG

South Coast Botanic Garden  (Palos Verdes)

Visit their Desert Garden and see lots of interesting cactus! 

Project Description

The inspiration for this project are those awesome wonders of nature called cacti - and we’ll include some other succulents too while we’re at it!   While working on this project many art terms or tips can be incorporated, like "drawing what you see", balance, rule of odd numbers,  and rule of thirds.  Students can follow step-by-step, or vary it by picking their own cacti/succulent types to draw.  Handouts are available for ideas. 

K-1 students create three pots, and then plant a cactus or succulent in each one.

2-12 students create one pot with overlapping cacti or succulents.


Special thanks to: 

Sandi Arthur  for sharing this project! 

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