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How are our projects selected?

One of the most important aspects of the South Bay Hands on Art Program is the Design Committee. This is where we choose the projects for the next year’s program.

The members of Design Committee act as an agent for submitting artists and are responsible for presenting their project to the Design Committee.

Your commitment as a member includes meeting with the artist to review the submitted project, explain the SBHOA requirements and to advise them on any necessary adjustments. Afterwards, you will briefly present this project to the Design Committee.

Design Committee meets in May. It usually takes the whole day. We often have over 50 projects submitted but can only take 6.

For more information, please contact our Design Committee Co-Chairs

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We are looking forward to another exciting year with South Bay Hands on Art.  As you know, our non-profit art program reaches over 9,000 students with over 300 volunteer docents and 18 schools participating.


We are excited to invite you once again to participate and submit your amazing projects to our 2019-20 design committee selection process. We need a commitment from you by March 7th 2019. After we receive your commitment we will send a follow-up with further details, dates and deadlines.  Please review the Artist Application and Design Committee Requirements.  These documents will guide you when making decisions about project submissions.  

After we receive replies you’ll receive follow-up contact with further details about deadlines and dates.  Thank you for donating your time, energy, and talents in providing creative, informative, and enjoyable projects that help our school children grow in the love of art. 

Redondo Beach” SBHOA Design Committee will meet in May for project selection. Our project selection doesn’t conflict with other district’s design committee meetings so please feel free to submit projects previously selected / submitted to another district.


If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail us at  or contact one of us via phone.


South Bay Hands on Art Design Committee team,

Victoria Pitzele and Tess Holland

Submitting Artists

Design Committee Member Information

Dear Design Committee Member,


Welcome to the Design Committee for the 2019-2020 school year and for volunteering to be part of one of the most important aspects of Hands on Art.  Your time and commitment are very much appreciated.


As a member of Design Committee, you are acting as an agent for your chosen artist.  It is important that you make every effort to be in contact with them ASAP.  They have received an email from us and have confirmed their interest in presenting a project for our program


When contacting your artist, explain that you are calling on behalf of South Bay Hands on Art and that you are responsible for presenting their project to the Design Committee.  Please be persistent and make every effort to contact your artist.  Wonderful projects may be lost with any hesitancy to follow through.

As soon as you have confirmed the Title and Medium, please send it to us.  We need this information ASAP to create the project evaluation sheets and to insure that each artist is properly represented at the meeting.

The next step is to arrange a meeting place with your artist. Often you will meet the artist in their home. Coffee shops can be a perfect place to meet.  Ask if you can do the project with the artist, go over the application sheet together, and take any notes you may need to present.  Since many of our artists are submitting projects to other districts you might pick up your project right before Design Committee.  Student samples are important.  Be sure your artist submits student samples.


You will briefly present this project to the Design Committee with the display board and samples.  This display should include information from the application form and children’s examples.  After DC you want to notify your artist immediately whether or not their project was selected and return any materials to your artist ASAP.  Your artist may need their boards dropped off to another DC representative.


Again, thank you for making the time for this very important part of Hands on Art


Tess  Holland  & Victoria Pitzele

Design Committee Co-Chairs 2017-2018

South Bay Hands on Art

Design Committee Members
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