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No need for formal lesson plan/etc. at this time.  Just the general idea, sample pics, related video/links if any are what we are looking for now.  


Hands on Art

Project Idea Search


Ideas can be your own or something you've seen elsewhere (like the internet) that can be shared.

Submit ideas with this form: 

or e-mail them to

Deadline:  5/28/21  

(click here to see 

project ideas submitted 

already for examples of descriptions/etc.) 

If the idea is selected 

-if you create the lesson/video you will be compensated  ($75 for lesson plan only.  $150 for lesson and video.)

-if you choose not to, you will not be compensated.  Celebrate you found something that the kids will enjoy and you can leave the work to us to find someone to create the lesson/video.

We are looking for simple projects ideas requiring simple supplies.

(see this year's projects for examples

(see detailed requirements below)

Detailed Project Requirements

  • Can be done by a student at home or school with no or very little help from adults.

  • Can be done with simple supplies found at home or school.  Example: pencil, paper, pen, assume something to color with (they may have crayons, colored pencils, markers, but do not assume they have all 3.)

  • Aimed for kids K-5, but can be enjoyed or adapted for 6-12.

  • Preferably, has a "key lesson topic" like an artist, an art style or art skill but even if it doesn’t have a key lesson, submit it - it can be just for fun too.  Examples: Pablo Picasso, Perspective, Bunnies, Art for Stress Relief!

  • Can be done by students in less than 1 hour, with simple instructions via a pre-recorded video.

    •  Preference is video lessons should be able to be watched in less than 15 minutes (8-12 minutes ideal). Students can pause the video as needed.

    • It can be different videos for different grades if needed (for instance, a K-1 version and a 2-12 version...)

    • For grades 2+ different options can be done with multiple videos - so if there are variations/options it can be split - for instance, a 3 minute background video, and then they can pick between two 9 minute videos with steps to follow.

  • Nice-to-have - an option to upgrade easily (easy for a solo teacher!), like do it on special paper, do with pastels, use a gold marker, add an extra glue step. In case we can do something like that later in the school year. Not needed though.

  • Lesson able to be used by anyone (plan to have it accessible on the web like this year).  If it is an artist made specially owned project it’ll still be on the web so we can’t control it, but we can put credits with it :).  (So far our videos have not gone 'viral' I don't think many outside our group find them but we don't limit access.)

2021-22 HOA Plan (subject to change)

​First 4 projects:

  • Projects like this year - simple video lessons and simple supplies again.  That way it is flexible whatever HOA looks like next year.

    • Teachers can do the project alone without too much set-up/mess/assistance or sharing supplies.

    • Teachers can make it an optional assignment, choice board or homework. 

    • Volunteers, once/if allowed, can either help the teacher or teach (in person or zoom equivalent) 

    • Also, there is an option to possibly 'upgrade' projects - like supply nicer paper, metallic markers, oil pastes, etc.  if the teachers/schools/PTAs want and is allowed.  

    • Hopefully over time with special supplies and volunteers it will start to flow back into the classic HOA model.

Last 2 projects: Flip Out and Alebrijes TBD 

  • Mid school year we will decide if we do them or keep on hold and continue with 'simple' projects.    

Questions or Comments?

Please contact

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