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Welcome to SBHOA Planning for 2020-21

Like many things, the SBHOA program will look different for the 2020-21 school year.  We are very excited the schools and PTA have informed us they still want some type of HOA if we are up for it!  SBHOA needs to be flexible during this time in order to continue to bring art education to students but I think we can do it.  We may look different for a while, but we hope to keep the spirit alive until we can get back normal.

Accommodations for 2020-21

Here are some accommodations for current planning:

- plan for students to do HOA at home  

- projects should be able to be done with supplies students have at home like:

  • plain paper

  • pencil

  • pen

  • something to color with (might be markers, crayons, colored pencils, but don't assume they have them all...some may only have markers, some may only have colored pencils...)

- students might be able to have supplies passed to them at school by teachers (like Flip Books, or Alebrijes PlayDoh that are already purchased)  

- no sharing of supplies (so things can't be passed to them to bring back for others to use, or if project is done in a classroom setting no shared supplies)

-  very inexpensive projects (many PTAs are on a very limited budget)

- zero assistance projects  - they should be able to do it without any parent involvement

- no volunteers on campus

- projects can be varied per grade level...for instance, it is OK with schools if K-2 receives different projects than 3-5 or upper grades

- because of the way projects will probably be taught/shared, and HOA budget, we will currently not plan to pay any artists for projects this school year.  We will see if HOA volunteers can find existing free projects or create free projects first.  (Exception for Flip Out and Alebrijes since artist agreements were already made and they are very special!)

- projects are considered 'optional enrichment opportunity'.  It is up to individual schools/teachers to decide how they want to use the projects.  Some may choose to make them mandatory, some may choose to make them optional, some can not use them at all.   

How can we bring projects to students?

The exact details haven't been worked out yet, but these are some ideas:

  • - pre-recorded video lessons they can follow along, pause/start. 

    • we can use free, existing videos OR make our own OR a combo.  Preference is for using free, existing videos for History so HOA doesn't need to worry about any legal issues sharing pictures of artists work, but if needed we can figure something out.

    • we can split videos into History, Projects steps and have different versions for different grade ranges as needed.

    • preference is project will be available to the general public!  We hope that we can post videos where they can be shared by other schools as well (like Reaching Out and other neighboring art groups and beyond).  (Exceptions possible for Flip Out and Alebrijes.)  

    • if HOA makes own videos, we can determine who/what/how later :)  I'm 100% positive we can work it out and have fun doing it!  OK - 97% likely fun doing it! ha!  

  • PowerPoint or PDF or document or equivalent with no videos.

    • students can read the history, and then follow steps.  

    • different versions for different grade groups possible.

    • might be short enough that it could be printed, passed out by teachers if they prefer and can do that still.

    • may be done with the video option as well.

    • preference is that it can be posted or displayed on website so other groups can do it too.

  • Class live on-line lesson with class docent  **Least likely and only optional**

    • if a school chair and principal and teacher are OK with the idea, and someone is willing to be the class docent and figure out how to do it like via Cisco WebEx, they are welcome to try!  I predict the teacher would have to be present.  We will need to verify rules.   

    • docent could read up on lesson and teach it to the class via an on-line class.  There would be no HOA workshop equivalent since these should be simple projects that need no assistance.

Submit Project Ideas

School Chairs and Docents Possible Roles in 2020-21

School Chairs are still needed in 2020-21! 

  • They will be the key contact between the School, PTA and SBHOA. 

  • They can arrange with school any supply distribution (like Flip Books, Alebrijes)

  • They can update the schools when the lessons are ready :) 

  • They can work with PTA for any budget needs or communication

  • They can work with their schools if they need any help with the lesson distribution

  • They can communicate with SBHOA if things need to be adjusted or have suggestions or questions

  • They can help encourage art!   Maybe they can work with teachers to get samples of the art work and post them in the school newsletter :) 

  • If they like, they can help with creating these new lessons or finding others that would like to do that too :) 

Class Docents shouldn't be necessary in 2020-21.  It'll be up to the school chairs and probably individual teachers.  The main reasons to have one would be:

  • If schools principals/teachers/chairs want to attempt live on-line lessons, then the classes that do that will need docents.  (Low likelihood.)

  • Class Docents could perhaps help the teacher gather pictures of the artwork and perhaps create a collage of them, or help class feel connected.  

  • They can help with questions from the teacher/class, but hopefully the lessons will be simple that there won't be a lot of these

Questions, Comments, Etc! 

Email if you have any questions or comments :) :) :)  If you made it this far in this text you are a winner!! Ha! 


 Thank you all sooo much!    

- Buffy  :)

South Bay HOA 

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