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Northern Lights: Nagomi Pastel
Lesson by Lee-Jean Lin

Northern Lights Main Project Photo.jpg

Project Description:

Students will learn about the cause of northern lights and the associated mythology and legends. They will make a stencil and use the style of Japanese Nagomi Pastels to create a drawing of Northern lights.


  • Discover the science and legend of the Northern lights

  • Introduce students to the art of Nagomi Pastels

  • Learn to layer and blend color

  • Use subtractive method to make marks


  • 7" x 10" mixed media paper

  • Cardstock

  • Studio pastel set

  • Cotton swab (q-tip)

  • Regular eraser and kneaded eraser

  • Masking tape

  • Pencils and scissors

  • Aerosol hairspray (as inexpensive fixative)

Docent Resources

Special thanks to Lee-Jean Lin for the wonderful project!

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