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Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Lesson by Lee-Jean Lin

Hanging Gardens Main Project Photo dark.jpg

Project Description:

Inspired by examples of ancient bas-relief, this low-relief sculpture project will introduce students to the story of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and bas-relief. They will create their own version of bas-relief on a tile to mimic ancient artifacts discovered in the garden site.

Main Supplies:

  • Daltile White Tile (4.25" x 4.25”)

  • White Model Magic

  • Chromacryl or Blick Acrylic Paint – Yellow Oxide or Raw Sienna (1/2 teaspoon)

  • Small Kneaded Eraser (size of glass marble)

  • Dry Wax Deli Paper

  • Toothpicks, pop sticks

  • Pencil, paint brush (medium)

  • White glue



Special thanks to Lee-Jean Lin for the wonderful project!

Questions or Comments?

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