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Distance Learning Plan - 2020-21

Like many things, the SBHOA program will look different for the 2020-21 school year. 

We may look different for a while, but we will continue to bring art to the community!

Simple Projects

No parent assistance should be required. (we hope!)   

They will also simpler than the lessons we usually do to help ensure student success at home.  

Lessons will be adjusted for various grade levels. 

Middle and High School adjustments will be given for some of the projects but not all.

Simple Supplies

They use simple supplies found at home, like: paper, pencil, eraser and something to color with (colored pencils, markers or crayons)

8 Main Projects

Each month, starting Oct 1, HOA will supply a new project on-line.

"Optional Enrichment Opportunity"

Schools and teachers will decide how they want to use these projects.  Some may make them mandatory, some may make them optional, some may not use them at all.    PTAs can also share the projects in their announcements so everyone will have a chance to do them - assigned or not!

Available to All

Projects will be on-line and available to everyone.  Reaching Out schools and others can access the projects.   

Just for fun!

PTAs and schools can share these simple, artsy ideas with families to encourage creativity!  These projects were discovered while searching for main projects, but needed just a little extra help or supplies.  

Special Supplies and/or Parent Assistance

Bonus Projects will be provided that may require some special supplies and/or parent assistance

Bonus Projects

HOA will also supply some bonus projects throughout the year. 

How can you help?

Art Supplies Suggestions!

- Access - Make sure your student can get to their paper/pencils/coloring supplies.

- Colored Markers vs Pencils vs Crayons -  All will work!  Everyone has their preferences!  Having an assortment though would be best if possible so students can experiment and see what they prefer for different creations.  Some projects will look/work better with one than the other or even combined.  For instance, outline in marker and color in with colored pencils or crayons.

- Colors - The more colors the better!  Projects will work with basic colors, but it is always more fun to have more color options.  If picking between an 8 count and 16 count of colored pencils, go for 16 if you can  :)

- Good Black Marker - Either a black washable marker or sharpie is nice to have for projects!  Many projects have you draw the outlines of the creation first, and then fill it in with color.  Although you can do this with a pencil, regular pen or crayon, a marker has a stronger look :)  In the art room we often use black sharpies for projects, but they are monitored! 

- Art Paper - Any paper will do for the projects, but blank paper would be better than lined :).  A nice to have would be to have access to thicker white paper.  It may feel more like a special project like we would normally do in the art room, but totally optional.  

Cheer on the artists!

Give your artists the biggest cheers for their work!  Ask them about their art!   Encourage them to create more art!  


Whatever they create!  Even if they didn't follow the lessons examples they used their energy to create something :) That is a success! 

Volunteers like prior Docents / Helpers or new people wanting to get involved

Contact your school HOA Chair to see if there is something you can do to help!  Some school volunteers are helping create and test the lessons.  Some schools may be gathering pictures of the artwork to share/display.  Some schools may have other artsy things you can help with too!  

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