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The Colors of Snow
Lesson by Birgit Snodgrass

Project Description:

"The Colors of Snow" is an experiment with watercolors, the techniques of wet on wet, wet on dry, or dry on dry, and salt. The goal of the project is to allow the artist to discover colors where there were none, get creative with the use of these colors and use salt to miraculously and dramatically change the art. Through these techniques and experiences, the artist's passion is awakened.  

Main Supplies:

· 1 piece of watercolor paper - approx. 12”x16” – 14”x18” 

· Assorted, vibrant watercolors (choice of 4 colors is sufficient), liquid or tubes  preferable to cakes in box 

· Large 2” cheap brush or sponge brush to wet the paper evenly  

· Light duty 1” or so, masking tape to mask off trees and fence 

· Small brushes for final detail  

· Small plastic containers for distributing the watercolors

· Salt  

· Old credit/gift cards (cut in half) or something with a similar edge (to scrape color  onto trees)

Docent Resources

Special thanks to: 

Birgit Snodgrass for the wonderful project!

Questions or Comments?

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