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City Perspective
Lesson by Chris Mason
Teacher Notes

City Perspective Main Project Photo.jpg

Project Description:

Let's create a unique cityscape, looking straight UP!  With this lesson students will learn about one point perspective, how objects that are close to us are big and get smaller as they move away.  Then they will use that lesson in a non-conventional way, looking up to the sky.  There are various other side lessons that may be included, including what is a cityscape.   Some students may  be exposed to a compass and/or ruler, using them as art tools.  Some may learn lessons on creating gradient color and/or the color wheel.  It is even possible to branch out and celebrate the history or science of skyscrapers if you wish.  Project may have suggested modifications for various grades.    

Notice: Docent or Teacher Lead Project!

This lesson is meant to be done with a docent or teacher teaching the project.  However, older students would be able to follow the video and  follow the step-by-step instructions, varying it as they wish to create their own artwork. 

Main Supplies

card stock, pencil, eraser, fine point sharpie, art compass (or: bowl, small plate, template – something to make a circle), ruler, scissors, crayons (or colored markers, pencils, watercolors), optional: handouts​, mounting paper

Docent/Teacher Resources 

Lesson Plan

Slides Lesson  

Video Lesson (available on google here)

Docent Tips and Tricks  

Handouts (optional, various options available, chairs pick what to supply) 

Handouts - Color Wheel - 4 styles (optional)

Sample Photos in Google Photos

  • includes some simpler samples from the AV workshop docents.  Thank you!

  • includes some from the artist, including from middle school+ examples

Bonus Videos on Perspective: 

Other Bonus Videos:


Website Sample Simple Pic.PNG
Website Sample Simple Pic.PNG
City Perspective Art Project - samples_edited.jpg
City Perspective Art Project - samples_edited.jpg

Special thanks to: 

Chris Mason for the wonderful project!

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or

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