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Workshop Brunch Overview

Each school is responsible for the workshop brunch once a year. There are approximately 150 docents at each workshop. Docents from the hosting school need to arrive early to set up the brunch table, decoration, and food. Docents from hosting school need to clean up and wash the coffee pots.

It is the hosting school’s responsibility to bring these items. Hands on Art will provide the coffee and tea.

    Two  table cloths of your choice

    Paper plates , spoons, forks, knives

    Cups for coffee, juice and napkins for 150 people.

    Fresh cream for coffee - flavored creamers are quite                     popular

    Decoration (optional)

Hosting Schools may choose to provide some or all of the following:
    Hot dishes like eggs, deviled, casseroles, quiches

    Orange juice or any other fruit juice and  water 

  (* we will try to encourage a big jug of water and use paper cups or docents can bring their own water container - rather than 64 plastic bottles)

    Fresh fruit – sliced / whole, or fruit salads
    Muffins, bagels, rolls, croissants, coffee cake, etc.
    Cream cheese, butter, jelly


Sorry, but children and guests are not allowed at workshops.

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