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Welcome to South Bay Hands on Art.  More than 9,000 students in the South Bay benefit from Hands on Art, a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing art education in our schools.
In a normal year, volunteer docents attend six workshops per school year, learning projects based on individual artists or styles of art and then teach the children in the classrooms step by step.

Hands on Art encourages creative expression.  Children have the freedom to touch, handle and experiment with art materials and various artistic techniques. 

Twenty-Two schools participate in the program, including all Redondo Beach public schools and seven local private schools. 

Hands on Art also operates a “Reaching Out” program, teaching art to students at elementary schools in Lennox, Hawthorne and Compton. 



South Bay Hands on Art also offers our Reaching Out program to bring art education to under-served schools and community centers in the Los Angeles area. With schools and centers facing many budgetary issues, art is usually the first thing cut. But through Reaching Out, our docents and volunteers are able to give young students and high schoolers a fun introduction to art and hopefully spark a lifelong passion.  


Our 67 Reaching Out volunteers currently serve 1,665 aspiring artists at:


  • Jefferson Elementary, Lennox

  • Felton Elementary, Lennox

  • Moffett Elementary, Lennox

  • Washington Elementary, Compton

  • George Washington Carver Elementary, Compton

  • Richstone Family Center, Hawthorne

  • Thomas Riley High School for Pregnant & Parenting Teens, Watts

  • Patricia Dreizler Continuing High School (Redondo Shores), Redondo Beach


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

- Picasso