Special Notice:

* K-2 - adult assistance is recommended

Project Description:

Students will learn about Optical Illusions Art (Op Art) and then get to make their own Wavy Paper optical Illusion.  Optical illusions use our eyes to trick our brains.   Following step-by-step instructions, students will make their paper look wavy.  At the end there is a optional bonus 'trick'.  They can add small cut-out of a person and make it appear they are falling into the paper.  K-2 has a shorted background section, and simpler samples.  Younger students have needed some  assistance following the drawing steps.  3-12 has a slightly longer background section, and more sample variations.  3-12 also has a bonus 'Exploding Shapes' version if they want to do more.  

Supply Tip: The video suggests a ruler or something to help draw the straight line, but it can also just be drawn free-hand.

Links to the Lesson for Students:

K-2  (adult assistance is recommended) 



https://youtu.be/Ha11nvsNEU0 (bypass web page and go straight to video)

Suggested Supplies:

Paper, pencil, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons),

black marker (or pencil or crayon),  optional: ruler  (or something to help draw a straight line)

Tip: If possible, let them know what supplies they will need before they start the lesson so they can have them ready.   

Wavy Paper

Teacher Notes

Shade - Colored Pencil Quick.JPG

Additional Teacher Resources  - Optional Variations

Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form)

Printable Lesson K-1 (basic template variations that they can use to add curve and color if you don't want a video lesson.)  

Printable Lesson 2-12  (if you don't want to give a video.  Modified, less pictures.)  

Video Lesson K-2 on Google Drive  (if you want to download and use it outside of YouTube)

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or southbayhandsonart@gmail.com