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South Bay Hands on Art

Wavy Paper

Grades K-2*

*adult assistance


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Project Samples

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Color - Rainbow.JPG
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Video Lesson 

Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!

Parents - Optional Extensions

Project Description

Students will learn about Optical Illusions Art (Op Art) and then get to make their own Wavy Paper optical Illusion.  Optical illusions use our eyes to trick our brains.   Following step-by-step instructions, students will make their paper look wavy.  At the end there is an optional bonus 'trick'.  They can add small cut-out of a person and make it appear they are falling into the paper.   K-2 has a shorted background section, and simpler samples.  3-12 has a slightly longer background section, and more sample variations.  3-12 also has a bonus 'Exploding Shapes' version if they want to do more.