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South Bay Hands on Art


Inspired by Turtle Alley

Lesson for grades 3-5


Project Samples

Suggested Supplies

Paper, pencil, eraser, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons), black marker (optional) 

Video Lesson Steps

numbers image.jpg

Watch and learn about Turtle Alley and the project. 

numbers image.jpg

Draw a turtle! 

Pick a video tutorial OR draw your own!

numbers image.jpg

Decorate your turtle! 

You can add things around your turtle as well.  

Here are some ideas!   Have fun!

**Here's a video on how to draw a cool turtle shell pattern! 

numbers image.jpg

You are done!

Project Description

Turtle Alley is an art-filled alley in Malaysia that raises awareness of their local endangered turtles and other turtles.  Student artwork line the walls and sidewalk and entrance.   Learn more about Turtle Alley and turtles.  Then draw your own Turtle!  You can follow step-by-step instructions or draw your own.  Every turtle is unique!  Be creative!  Have fun!

Key Words:

- Community Beautification

- Mosaic

Special thanks to:

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia and Dr. Chan Eng Heng for use of their pictures and all of their work!.