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South Bay Hands on Art


Inspired by Heather Brown

Grades K-1


Project Samples


Video Lesson 

Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!

Parents - Optional Extensions


Surf - Sunset 

Steps to draw a sunset inspired by Heather Brown

Heather Brown Painting.jpg

Heather Brown - ART Feature

Meet Heather Brown in this video. 

She is interviewed and discusses how she started making her Hawaii art and much more!

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Hands on Art - Behind the Scenes - Music

See and hear the Ukelele music

used in the HOA video

written and preformed by an Redondo Union Alum!

Max Trotter (RUHS '20) 

Project Description

Heather Brown has been called the "Godmother of Modern Surf Art".  Learn about Heather Brown and see samples of her work.  After, students are invited to celebrate the ocean by creating their own surf art.  There are steps they can follow to create scenes inspired by Heather Brown: The Big Wave, The Surfer on the Shore, and The Sunset (for 2-12).   If they prefer, they can design their own beach or surf artwork instead.  

Note: K-1 - if they would like to create the Sunset scene, they can follow the separate video in the extensions area.  The main video for K-1 only has the Big Wave and Surfer on Shore.   

Special thanks to: 

Heather Brown for her wonderful artwork and letting us share it! 

Ocean Fever for sharing pictures at our local beaches.

Ocean Fever is a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing children and young adults to open water swimming, ocean safety, ocean education and environmental awareness.

Max Trotter (RUHS '20) for the music.