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Seasonal Mandalas

Bonus Family Art Project

Lesson for all grades

*Parent assistance needed for K-5


What is a Mandala?

The word mandala is a Sanskrit term that means “circle.” A mandala is a circular structure with a design that radiates out symmetrically, or using similar shapes, from a unifying center. Mandalas are found in many different cultures and mandala patterns can even be seen in nature (think of spiderwebs, daisies, tree rings). You can paint or draw mandalas, or even make them out of sand like the Tibetan monks! 


Make your own Seasonal Mandala with things you

find around you!

Seek out physical objects in the world around us to create your own unique mandala. 

Be creative and have fun! 

Schools can collect and share results! 

Here are some ideas: 

Candy/Halloween Mandala Idea

Did you miss all of the trick-or-treaters this year and are you wondering what to do with all that candy?

- Sort your candy and/or decorations by color, shape, type

- Try not to eat your project before you are finished!

- Snap a photo, then clean up


Fall Leaves Mandala Idea

- Go on a walk around your neighborhood with your family

- Put away your electronics and look around - what interesting natural objects can you find? Leaves, pinecones, pebbles, sticks, flower petals?

- Pay attention to all the variations in colors and shapes as you gather your objects

- Pick a non-windy, flat spot to assemble your mandala

- When you’re done, snap a photo and leave your mandala for others to enjoy (as long as all its parts are from nature) and don’t worry - it is not meant to last forever!

This project is inspired by British land art pioneer Andy Goldsworthy. You can see some of his incredible work here.


Other Ideas

Thanksgiving table centerpieces

Fall fruit/veggies

Holiday ornaments

...We can’t wait to see your creations!


Related Key Words

Concentric circles - circles with one common center

Pattern - a repeated form or design

Radial symmetry - similar parts regularly arranged around a central axis

Transience - the fact that your work of art will change over time. Wind, rain, mom with the vacuum… these will all alter your creation. It’s not meant to be permanent (especially if it gets eaten!) 

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* School HOA Chairs - if you will be collecting/sharing results, add a note to your newsletter where you want people to share/turn in art!

Questions or Comments: please contact your school HOA chair or email