Submit Project Ideas - we need your help!!!

Can you help us build our list of project ideas?!?!  Please!!!

  • Please read the above sections so you know what is expected for HOA 2020-21.

  • Submit the HOA Project Idea Form for each new idea you want us to consider.

  • We want to gather a list of possible project ideas.  After we will figure out how to vote/select them and gather/create/publish the project lessons....

  • They don't have to be your own...

    • you can search the web for good ideas that people have shared with the public

    • or if keep on the look out if you see any

    • or come up with your own idea!      

  • The general idea, sample pics, related video (if any!) is what we are looking for now.  They don't need to be complete and ready to push out! 

  • Submitting an idea doesn't mean you are responsible to come up with the complete lesson plan later!  We can work with you or have others help build from the idea to make the lesson complete.  No worries!

  • No $ is involved, no prizes if your idea is selected!  Know you are helping students have more art in their lives!!! 

  • Soft deadline for entry - 8/3/20 - We are hoping to get a good assortment of ideas by then.  But this is flexible.  If we don't get a lot, or someone finds a good one after we can adjust :) 

  • The Project Ideas Submitted Preview page will contain ideas already submitted (and hopefully some sample pictures!)  I will update it as frequently as I can.  (I may be a day or two behind at times!)   You can review it in case it gives you ideas or if you want to add anything like extra resources or adaption tips you may know of :)