Peaceful Sunflower

by Rolandas Dabrukas

Inspired by the works of Vladimir Kush, students will create a hidden "picture within a picture", incorporating a peace sign among the seeds and a circle of hungry bird "petals" as part of a surrealist sunflower - painted in acrylic.


Vladimir Kush was born in Russia in 1965.  He studied at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, and after several years working as an artist in Moscow, his native city, he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing his own gallery on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

His style is often referred to as surrealist although he prefers the description "metaphorical realism".
His oil paintings are also sold as giclée -on-canvas prints through his own galleries in Laguna Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.


In 2011 Kush won the First Prize in Painting at the Artistes du Monde international exhibition in Cannes.