Project Description:

Learn about Landscapes and variations like Seascapes and Cityscapes.  Landscapes often are big views of natural scenery, but they can include buildings, people and animals too.   But the land (or sea or city) is the star of the picture.  Some parts of a landscape include the Foreground, Middle Ground, and Background.  Things in the foreground are closer so they are bigger and more detailed than the background.  Students are invited to create their own landscape.  They can design their own (just go for it!), or they can follow some step-by-step instructions to help get them started.  For 2-12 there is an additional option of a folding landscape. 


There is a lot of freedom with this project, so don't be surprised if you see a big assortment of landscapes/seascapes/cityscapes!

Links to the Lesson for Students:

Suggested Supplies:

Paper, pencil, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons), black marker (or pencil or crayon)

Tip: If possible, let them know what supplies they will need before they start the lesson so they can have them ready.   

Parts of a Landscape

Teacher Notes

Landscape - Buffy1.jpg
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Additional Teacher Resources  - Optional Variations

Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form)

Printable Lesson K-1 (if you don't want to give a video.  Very modified, less pictures) 

Printable Lesson 2-12  (if you don't want to give a video.  Very modified, less pictures.)  

Video Lesson K-1 on Google Drive  (if you want to download and use it outside of YouTube)

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