This project is inspired by the every growing popularity of manga comics and animation. Most kids are into Japanese anime like Pokémon, Doremon, YuGiHo, Naruto, Dragonball, Akira, Angel beats, Legend of Zelda, Howl’s moving castle etc… The characters have a magnetic tendency and seem to draw one into them. Whether it is a teenage kids, a magical or a dark character; they seem to have such detail and perfection. The eyes especially have always seems to be so full of expressions.

The term manga in Japan is a word used to refer to both comics and cartooning. "Manga" as a term used outside Japan refers to comics originally published in Japan.

The word "manga" comes from the Japanese word composed of the two kanji (man) meaning "whimsical or impromptu" and (ga) meaning "pictures".

Humorous and satirical illustrations trace back to 12th Century Japan. It is said Katsushika Hokusai, a wood engraver and painter who lived from 1760 to 1849, coined the phrase in Hokusai Manga, one of his many publications. The first book of Hokusai's manga, sketches or caricatures that influenced the modern form of manga, was published in 1814. The results of Hokusai's perspectival studies in Manga can be seen here in ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ where he uses what would have been seen as western perspective to represent depth and volume

Manga Art

After World War II, under the influence of great Manga artist Tezuka Osamu (1928-1989), manga began to gain not only national but international recognition.

Tezuka is considered to be the Godfather of Manga and Anime. His two major artistic influences were Walt Disney and Max Fleischer

 by Ashish Sharma
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