Kawaii Doodles

Teacher Notes

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Project Description:

Kawaii is the Japanese word meaning something that is cute.  Kawaii art is known for characters with rounded shapes and simplistic features.  You can see Kawaii style art on t-shirts, stickers, toys, advertisements, and so many more places!  Famous Kawaii style characters are Hello Kitty, Pusheen and Pikachu.  Drawing Kawaii doodles has become very popular.  In this lesson students will get to have fun doodling!  K-1 will be directed to draw simple characters lined up.    2-12 will be given some variations, with extra videos with more detailed steps to follow if they prefer.  Coloring is optional.  

Supply Tip: K-1 video suggests a ruler or book or something to help draw the straight line, but it can also just be drawn free-hand.

Links to the Lesson for Students:




https://youtu.be/tQ2nDomI9tU  (bypass web page and go straight to video)

Suggested Supplies:

Paper, pencil, eraser, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons), black marker (optional)

+ ruler or book to help draw a straight line (highly suggested but optional)  

Tip: If possible, let them know what supplies they will need before they start the lesson so they can have them ready.   

Additional Teacher Resources  - Optional Variations

PPT Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form)

Lesson Plan Document 2-12 (geared for adults to learn and teach without video or slides)

Printable Lesson K-1 (basic how to draw/ideas page/coloring pages you may adapt & use if you don't want a video lesson.) 

Printable Lesson 2-12  (if you don't want to give a video.  Modified, less pictures.)  

Video Lesson K-1 on Google Drive  (if you want to download and use it outside of YouTube)

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or southbayhandsonart@gmail.com