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Kawaii Doodles

Grades 2-12

Project Samples

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Website Sample2.PNG

Suggested Supplies

Paper, pencil, eraser, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons), black marker (optional) 

Video Lesson 

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Watch and learn about the project, and do some practice doodles!

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Create your artwork!  

Pick a video for tips or draw your own!

You don't have to do them all, but you can if you want!

Single and Simple Kawaii Doodles

Kawaii Story - Step-by-step

Kawaii Explosion - Step by Step

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You are done!

Optional Extensions

- Watch:  Boy Told Off For Doodles Becomes Restaurant Artist.   A great story about a boy that loves to doodle.  He is now known as "The Doodle Boy".

- Create:  Kawaii-Doodle-a-day Challenge - challenge yourself or your family to doodle a character every day for a week, or even a month!  You can make your own or find ideas on the internet.  There are 100s of examples on the internet.  Do them on the same sheet of paper to collect them, or start a small notebook and do a new page each day!

- Learn:  "how-to" videos, ideas, and books :  with adult help, you can find 100s of Kawaii Doodle videos, ideas, and books on-line!  Keep on doodling! 

Project Description

Kawaii is the Japanese word meaning something that is cute.  Kawaii art is known for characters with rounded shapes and simplistic features.  You can see Kawaii style art on t-shirts, stickers, toys, advertisements, and so many more places!  Famous Kawaii style characters are Hello Kitty, Pusheen and Pikachu.  Drawing Kawaii doodles has become very popular.  In this lesson students will get to have fun doodling!  K-1 will be directed to draw simple characters lined up.    2-12 will be given some variations, with extra videos with more detailed steps to follow if they prefer.  Coloring is optional.