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South Bay Hands on Art

Galaxy Skies

Inspired by Jen Aranyi

Lesson for grades 3-5


Project Samples

Suggested Supplies

Paper, pencil, eraser, something to color with (colored pencils or crayons preferred, but markers can work)

Optional supplies - black marker, bowl or something round to help draw a circle

Video Lesson Steps

numbers image.jpg

Watch and create your own Galaxy Sky! 

numbers image.jpg

You are done!

If you enjoyed this, there are lots of variations you can try:


Create galaxy skies bookmarks, ornaments or cards


Makes stars with holes

Poke small holes into the sky, and put by a window to see the sun light up your 'stars'.


Create something different in front of a galaxy sky 

(like a car, house or a unicorn!)

Try the Marker Blending Technique

(watercolor paper, markers, water, brush needed) 

Tip: Test your marker/paper work before you attempt this.  Color two colors next to each other with marker, then brush water on it after.  If it smears like watercolor this may work! 

Project Description

The sky can be filled with such beautiful colors, especially at sunrise and sunset.  Students will see some examples of beautiful skies, and then will create a galaxy sky over a mountain landscape in the style of contemporary artist Jen Aranyi.  They can create a simple scene, and blend or layer colors to make an amazing sky.  The lesson will work with best with crayons or colored pencils, but markers can work.  

Special thanks to: 

Jen Aranyi  - for her wonderful artwork and project idea, and letting us share it! 


Jennifer Stenta - for adapting and teaching the project for HOA!