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Found Object Doodle Art

Bonus Family Art Project

Lesson for all grades

*Parent assistance may be needed for K-5



Use your imagination to turn everyday objects into art!



Inspired by children’s book author and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi, this project invites you to look for art EVERYWHERE!


A pen cap… a rubber band… that apple core left over from your morning snack… take a closer look and use your imagination to turn everyday objects into art.


- A piece of paper

- A pencil or thin marker

- Random objects you can find around your house (ideally smaller than the size of your paper)

- Markers, crayons, colored pencils or watercolors (optional)

- Most important: your imagination!


- Choose an object and stare at it a while. Does it remind you of anything or can you envision it as a part of a larger picture (e.g. the beak of a bird, the shell of a snail)?

- Place your object on your paper and draw around it. You don’t need to trace or redraw your object - part of the fun is removing and putting it back when you show your parents your finished drawing!

- If you want, you can add color to your drawing, but this is completely up to you.

- Snap a photo of your drawing and put your object back where you found it.

Be creative and have fun! 

Schools can collect and share results! 


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* School HOA Chairs - if you will be collecting/sharing results, add a note to your newsletter where you want people to share/turn in art!

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