Inspired by "The Elephants"

by Salvador Dalí

Teacher Notes

elephants - classic.jpg

Project Description:

The surreal artwork "The Elephants" is the inspiration for this project.  Students will be introduced to this artwork and to its creator, Salvador Dalí.  They will also learn about Surrealism, creating art based on dreams and imagination.  After, they can create their own artwork inspired by "The Elephants".  Instructions will be given on how to draw an elephant with very long skinny legs, but they are invited to vary it as they wish.  For instance, they can create another animal with very long legs, or an elephant with normal legs. 

*Tip 1:

Some great videos bring Dali's elephants to life.  They are listed on the project pages as optional extensions.  2-12: students may find them on their own since they are very visible on the project page.  K-1: the links are just listed under the video - so kids aren't confused/distracted from the main project.  Feel free to tell them about them if you want.  

**Tip 2:

If you watch the video with your class, you may want to PAUSE on the screen with the swan picture with the elephants hiding.  Some kids like to try to try to spot them!

Links to the Lesson for Students:




https://youtu.be/uV527qfgK7k  (bypass web page and go straight to video)

Suggested Supplies:

Paper, pencil, eraser, something to color with (markers, colored pencils, or crayons), black marker (optional) 


Tip: If possible, let them know what supplies they will need before they start the lesson so they can have them ready.   

Additional Teacher Resources  - Optional Variations

PPT Slides Lesson  (similar to the main project videos but in slide form)

Printable Lesson K-1 (basic how to draw/ideas page/coloring pages you may adapt & use if you don't want a video lesson.) 

Printable Lesson 2  (if you don't want to give a video.  Modified, less pictures)  

Printable Lesson 3-12  (if you don't want to give a video.  Modified, less pictures)  

Video Lesson K-12 on Google Drive  (if you want to download and use it outside of YouTube)

Questions or Comments?

Please contact your school HOA chair or southbayhandsonart@gmail.com