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South Bay Hands on Art


Inspired by "The Elephants"

by Salvador Dalí

Grades K-1

elephants - classic.jpg

Project Samples

2-12 Samples Captureb.PNG

Video Lesson 

Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!

Parents - Optional Extensions

Watch Dali's Elephants come to life: 

Learn more about Surrealism:

Project Description

The surreal artwork "The Elephants" is the inspiration for this project.  Students will be introduced to this artwork and to its creator, Salvador Dalí.  They will also learn about Surrealism, creating art based on dreams and imagination.  After, they can create their own artwork inspired by "The Elephants".  Instructions will be given on how to draw an elephant with very long skinny legs, but they are invited to vary it as they wish.  For instance, they can create another animal with very long legs, or an elephant with normal legs.