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Disneyland Auction Fundraiser

This auction has ended!!! 
Thank you everyone!


20 Disneyland
1-Day Hopper Tickets

Bid for 1 or more!

Highest Price per Ticket bidder wins, then the next next, etc until  the 20 tickets are gone.

If you want to up your price,
enter a new bid.

See Fine Print
and Current Bids below.


Mon, Dec 6, 2022 at 7am PST


Fri, Dec 10, 2022 at 7pm PST

Auction open to all families of the South Bay Hands on Art schools and neighbors! 

Winners will be notified,
payment arranged on-line, and tickets delivered in person.  


Submit a Bid!!!!!

Auction has ended!!!  Thank you everyone!

Fine  Print
Disneyland 1-Day Hopper Tickets
Blackout D
ates: December 25-31, 2021.
Expiration Date: December 14, 2022. 

(Note: Tickets have January 27, 2022 printed as the expiration, but they have been extended until December 14, 2022 due to the shut-down.)
Ticket value varies depending on date - but currently for hopper tickets they go for $194-$219.

Tickets cannot be re-sold.  This is a Disney rule!

Must follow current guidelines for use, including all Covid rules and reservations. 

All guests (ages 3 and older) must have a reservation.  
Theme park reservations are limited and subject to availability, and park admission 
is not guaranteed. To accommodate as many types of ticket holders as possible,
reservations for select dates may be made available on a rolling basis. Check for
updated availability.

For current Disneyland Covid information:

For viewing/making reservations with tickets:

All funds raised are for South Bay Hands on Art, a non-profit organization bringing art projects to students in Redondo Beach and neighboring communities.

Questions:  contact

Current Bids

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- Refresh the page if you just submitted a bid and don't see it yet

- On computer bids will be sorted by price.  Sorry, phone view doesn't!

Submit a Bid !!!
Current Bids
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