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Behind My Mask (With Fold)

Inspired by Behind My Mask: A Super Kid Self-Portrait by Cassi Stephens

Lesson for grades K-1*

*requires some adult assistance


Project Samples

Video Lesson 

Watch the video for the lesson and instructions!

Parents - Optional Extensions

Folding Surprise Videos - YouTube Channel with lots of folding paper variations like sharks, flamingos, and this ice-cream video posted here --->

Other self-portrait variations:

Picasso Self Portrait

Lego Self Portrait

Project Description

What did people do to record what they looked like before photography?  Students will learn some history about Portraits and Self-Portraits.  Then students will draw their own self-portrait with a twist!  At first it looks like you are wearing a mask, and then you can open the paper and see what is behind the mask.  Grades K-1:  This project requires some adult assistance for the folding.  If you prefer, there is a No Fold project alternative to draw a basic self-portrait with no assistance needed. 

Key Words: Portrait, Self-Portrait 

Special thanks to: 

Cassie Stephens and her project Behind My Mask: A Super Kid Self-Portrait.